Paws Reflect Create

Episode 1 - Beginnings

July 02, 2023 Rochelle L Hanslow Season 1 Episode 1
Paws Reflect Create
Episode 1 - Beginnings
Show Notes

Thank you for joining me for the first episode of Paws Reflect Create.

Today's prompt materials were:

"New Beginnings" by The Poetic Sister (@PoeticSister on twitter)
"New Beginnings" by Hajrije Kolimja (Poems While You Wait)
"The First Kiss" by Nikita Gill
 Excerpt by Vex King  

*All music featured in the podcast episode was by creators who have uploaded to PixelBay.

If you want to share any of your work with me I'd be delighted to read it. You can do by DM on Instagram or email

I have 3 online workshops coming up during summer and you can get tickets via the links below or on my website

27th July  - Writing: Connection
24th August - Writing: Cycles
21st September - Writing: Comfort

Until next time, take it easy and give yourself space and grace.